Hair up or down on a Beach Wedding?

Don’t ruin one of the most important moments of your wedding because of your hairdo!!


Up Up Up please!!! Many brides ask how they should wear there hair for the big day and I always say 'UP PLEASE',  the only and most important reason is because is a beach wedding and 99% of the time the beach is windy, as beautiful as you see the magazine with brides and their hair down please remember that not everything you see in the photos is how it looks, the models have 20 hairstyles fixing their hair for the perfect photo.


I don’t like to be the bad one of the story but I really do feel that when you hire professional wedding planner, they must guide you in every single wedding detail, and having the perfect hairdo is one of them.


Just have a look at this 2 photos below, in the first photo you will see a beautiful bride with her hair down and no wind, how do you know this is not a real bride  well no guests on the photo and the hair is not moving.  In the second photo, bride is walking down the aisle but as much as she is smiling you cannot see it because  all the hair is on her face, please don’t let that happen in your big day.

If you really want to have  your hair down my personal suggestions is to have your hair down but braid that way you will keep your hair from coming into your face and ruined your photos. I also suggest to all my brides to do a hair and makeup trial it is really worth spending a little extra money on it.

Remember the wedding is all about the bride you are the rock  star of  your wedding. For this and more experts advices please feel free to contact me



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