We  have  a  very  strong  partnership  with  the  best  vendors  in  the  industry,  such as  hotels, decoration, lighting, and flower or anything that maybe require for the style of your wedding.


Our  coordination  and  planning  team  has  extensive  experience  and  certification in  different  types of  destination  weddings  and  decoration  that  makes  us  different  from  our  competition.  Our extreme  punctuality  and  passion  for  detail  and  our  friendly  service  makes  us  different  from  the rest.




I  was  born  to  be  Wedding  planner,  from  an  early  age  I  remember  my  aunt  and  my  mother embroider beautiful wedding dresses, in my mind all I could think was   that someday I would get one of them and would have  the same smile  when I tried on a wedding dress for the first time, I been fortunate to see countless brides with that glow on the face, that smile  that you only get on your wedding day.


For  a  long  period  I  was  a  wedding  manager  at  one  of  the  most  prestigious  resorts  in  the  Riviera Maya  specializing  in  weddings  of  all  kinds,  which  made  me  more  sensitized  and  adequate  to  the needs of our dear customers.


I had all the experience as a Wedding planner, and I felt it was time to certify it, so  toke 2 of the best courses in the United States and Canada, specializing in Hindu and Persian weddings.


I have attended several national and international bridal shows which helped me  know the trends and issues such as Hindu weddings, Persian, Armenian, and Jewish same-sex weddings.


This  has  led  me  to  continue  with  the  illusion  that I had  as  a  child,  because  nothing  makes  me happier than to see the glow that only loves gives.









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