In  iDo Celebrations we do magic, because we have a wide range of customized services, we understand that every wedding is  unique and unrepeatable this is why we offer our experience and our desire for your event to be what you always dreamed of.


We specialize in;


• General Planning Service

This full service is for all those couples who need logistical support and are starting from scratch, they  wanted  full  details  of  locations,  facilities,  budgets,  decoration,  etc.  We  also  offer  unlimited calls, visits, tastings, among others.


• Complimentary Consultation for Planning and Guidance

To the right choice let us guide without obligation and at no cost in this new adventure of your life.

Types of ceremony


  • Religious Ceremony
  • Mayan Ceremony
  • Symbolic Ceremony
  • Jewish Weddings
  • Persian Wedding
  • Indian Weddings
  • Intercultural Wedding
  • Decoration and Furniture



• Riviera Maya

Consolidated for years as a preferred location for ceremonies destination, the Riviera Maya has been consolidating and increasing the services with more choice for all budgets, just 40 minutes from  Cancun  airport,  this  part  of  Mexico  allows  you  to  choose  a  wide Resorts  range  that  have the  capacity  to  accommodate  all  your  guests,  plus  the  right  to  taste  of  each  client  internal locations.


• Tulum

This corner of the Caribbean offers a charming Caribbean atmosphere, white sandy beaches and deep turquoise sea are recognized by travelers worldwide, still it retains the combination of the intimate with the most traditional and modern than its event requires.

If your idea of Ceremony focuses more on relaxation, combined with exclusive banquets at the moonlight on the beach, this is your best choice.


 • Cancún

The  most  spectacular  beaches  and  locations  can  be  found  in  this  tourist resort  of  international renown, proximity to the International Airport means it has excellent access, more than 35 years in service attest to the destination. It has hotels of all categories, and with magnificent scenery for the perfect day.

For  your  guests  will  be  a  very  pleasant  stay  as  taking  advantage  of  the  stay  may  carry out cultural activities, entertainment and water.


 • Cozumel

Paradise  Island  is  becoming  a  destination  for  weddings  TOP,  this  due  to  the  exclusivity  and privacy  that  same  island  offers.  The  only  sunset  on  the  Mexican  Caribbean  can be  found  here, the photo shoots are just wonderful.

Cozumel has a superior hotel offer and exclusive locations for ceremonies as Isla de Pasion that allow you tranquility and exclusivity.

This heavenly destination is connected to everyone through its own International Airport.



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